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Simplify Your Accounting Tasks with Xero

Xero is an all-in-one solution for small business accounting.  Its robust features help you stay in compliance, keep tidy records, and run your business better with an up-to-the-minute financial picture of your business results. You can access Xero 24/7 anywhere since it’s cloud accounting software that’s always online for you.   

Xero Accounting Features

Over 2 million subscribers use Xero accounting software around the world to:

  • Pay bills and create purchase orders
  • Send invoices and create quotes
  • Accept payments
  • Pay and get paid in over 160 currencies with Xero’s multi-currency accounting feature
  • Automatically connect with their banking transactions through feeds
  • Capture and manage files and documents like receipts via Hubdoc
  • Claim expenses
  • Manage inventory
  • Track projects including time entry
  • Reconcile their bank and credit card balances
  • Manage customers and vendors
  • Generate financial reports
  • Manage sales tax compliance with sales tax reports

Plus, you can do all of this using your smartphone or tablet as well as your computer.  Xero is a compelling alternative to QuickBooks if you are looking for an alternative accounting software solution for your business. 

Xero Subscription Options

Xero accounting software has three subscription options for small businesses:

  • Early, for new businesses, freelancers, and sole proprietors
  • Growing, for growing small businesses
  • Established, for established businesses of all sizes

In addition, accountants who partner with Xero have special access to Xero Ledger and Xero Cashbook, two options that are priced lower than the Early option. 

In any case, we can help you choose the package you need based on the stage your business is in and your specific business needs. 

Xero Add-ons

While Xero is a fully-functioning accounting system in and of itself, there are times when you might need additional functionality for your accounting needs. For that, you can turn to the Xero Marketplace. Over 800 apps in 18+ categories have been built that integrate with the Xero accounting software. Here are just a few of the most popular ones:  

  • Gusto, a payroll and HR system, fully integrates with Xero to run payroll for your business
  • Float provides improved cash-flow reporting
  • extends accounts payable management
  • Dext enhances receipt management
  • Dear offers robust inventory features

If you have additional needs for your accounting software, we can help you choose the best apps for your business. 

Loved by Creatives, International Businesses, Services, and eCommerce Entrepreneurs

There is an artistic flair to Xero that makes accounting beautiful, and dare we say, a bit fun. We’ve found that Xero is loved by entrepreneurs in creative fields, startups, personal care, professional services, global small businesses, IT consultants, ecommerce, cafes, tourism, and real estate.

In addition, Xero serves Amazon resellers, manufacturers, farmers, retailers, health care, construction, law firms, hospitality businesses, and nonprofits. 

Converting to Xero from Another Accounting Software

If you are currently using another accounting system in your business and want to convert to Xero, we can help every step of the way.  The first step is to discuss what’s working and not working about your current system.

We can then re-design your Chart of Accounts, prepare your accounting data, import your data into Xero, customize the system, and automate the reports you need.  There are conversion tools available to accountants that we can use to simplify your transition. We can also implement and integrate any add-ons you need from the Xero Marketplace. 

If you want to start using Xero, don’t let the idea of conversion stop you from making the transition to Xero.  That’s what we’re here for: to help you save time and money by using the best accounting system for your business. 

Complimentary Consultation

To set up a no-cost, no-obligation demo or consultation to find out more about whether Xero is right for your business, give us a call or email us today.